Phoenix-built MTU-5A for the acquisition full-tensor MT data.  The rugged and compact design allows for operation in remote areas and can be left to record unattended for up to two weeks. GPS synchronization means that multiple stand-alone units can be deployed simultaneously allowing for remote reference processing.  Low noise magnetic induction coils measure natural magnetic field changes in the 300-0.001 Hz frequency range (MTC50) and also the 10,000-5Hz range (MTC30).  For more information regarding these systems see the Phoenix Geophysics webpage.


Metronix equipment is built in Germany.  Metronix manufactures the ADU07e 24-bit data recorders and the MFS06e induction coils.  The ADU07e is a very flexible data recorder with a huge range of sample rates from 524KHz – 4Hz.  The ADU07e also has 2 stage gain settings as well DC offset functionality to efficiently utilise the dynamic range.  The MFS06e induction coils have a wide-band effective frequency range of 10,000 – 0.0003Hz. For more information visit


Moombarriga utilises the state of the art SMARTem24 digital receiver for IP surveying. The SMARTem24 has been designed to be efficient in the field and to deliver the highest quality data. This compact, portable, 16-channel, PC-based package is the next generation of a system that has already set the benchmark in electrical geophysical surveys. The GPS synchronisation, small footprint, long-life batteries, a library of sensors to choose from and a bright colour touchscreen makes this instrument a pleasure to operate. With the powerful signal processing software you have come to expect from a SMARTem receiver, full time-series recording and 24-bit ADCs make SMARTem24 data the best you will see anywhere. For more info go to the EMIT webpage.

Smart EM unit