In 2005 Shane Evans set up Moombarriga Geoscience in Perth, Western Australia with the aim to become a specialist MT geophysical contractor. In 2008 Moombarriga purchased 4 Phoenix recorders and acquired its first commercial MT dataset for KUTH Energy.

Since that time Moombarriga Geoscience has acquired over 3000 MT sites for both Energy and Mineral interests; the client list includes Universities, many Geological Surveys and other government agencies, exploration companies and several Geoscience companies throughout Australia and the World.

Moombarriga is a Noongar (Nyungar) word for “Cherry Tree” and also the name of his parents’ farm in southern Western Australia.







After graduating from Curtin University in 1998 with an honours degree in geophysics, Shane spent time with DeBeers Exploration Australia as a GIS specialist. His involvement in diamond exploration and large scale investigation developed his interest in magnetotellurics (MT).

Shane has now amassed 15 years of experience working with MT data beginning with a Master’s Degree in Geophysics at Queens University in Canada.  This project involved a crustal investigation of Central Baffin Island using MT data in northern Canada under the guidance of Alan Jones. (see Evans, S.F., A.G. Jones, J. Spratt and J. Katsube, 2005.Central Baffin electromagnetic experiment (CBEX) maps the NACP in the Canadian arctic. Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors, 150, 107-122.) This project involved the acquisition, processing and modelling of approximately 40 sites of broad-band MT data.

In 2003 Shane moved to Johannesburg in South Africa and joined the DeBeers Geoscience Centre to continue research into the use of MT as a tool for mapping the lithosphere.  DeBeers was the sponsor of the SAMTEX experiment a project that Shane was deeply involved with. (see Evans, R.L., A.G. Jones, X. Garcia, M. Muller, M. Hamilton, S. Evans, S. Fourie, J. Spratt, S. Webb, H. Jelsma, and D. Hutchins, 2011. The electrical lithosphere beneath the Kaapvaal Craton, Southern Africa. Journal of Geophysical Research – Solid Earth, 116)

Shane was also responsible for numerous regional DeBeers surveys throughout southern and central Africa, Canada and India.

Bringing this experience and knowledge with him to Perth in 2005, Shane founded Moombarriga Geoscience.




Senior Geophysicist

With over 20 years of experience in the field, Aaron has a hands on role in the planning and preparation of contracted Geophysical surveys. As a crew leader, Aaron conducts field operations focusing on data collection, data quality control and preliminary processing. He oversees the monitoring and maintenance of health and safety of all field personnel and provides all necessary field reporting pertinent to contracted activity.

Aaron’s varied experience including base metal exploration, has set him up with a sound mechanical / electrical based knowledge invaluable to the company.





Business Development

Chris has vast experience in a business career which spans over 35 years, commencing as an earth moving contractor in Western Australia in the 1970’s before entering the Insurance and Finance industry in the 1980’s then moving into the resource sector in 2002, working in both Oil & Gas and Mining.

Whilst in the resource industry Chris has developed broad experience and has held a multitude of positions both in the field and in management, these include Financial Controller, Native Title Negotiation, Project Management, and General Management.

Drawing on this extensive working knowledge, Chris is assisting the team at Moombarriga with business development.